Solutions designed for the Cloud

Sqonkenetics is a small software company that focuses primarily on web-based development. Since 2010 we have been providing specialised end-to-end solutions for a range of different customers and industries including agricultural, medical, printing, clothing, construction and manufacturing.

Its founder, Theo Howell, brings more than 20 years worth knowledge and has had direct hands-on experience of delivering complex web applications for small to large businesses and organisations since 2001.

It doesn't matter what you do, if you have a great business model you can bring it online.

Whether it be an enquiry system, a shopping cart, membership or event tracking, team collaboration tools, online approvals, data analytics or anything else you can think of - we build it from scratch so it reflects precisely what you do and how you work.



Web Applications

Designed for your needs from the ground up.

Online portals

Customer/Membership management

Booking systems

Medical systems

Ordering systems

Data Capture

Private intranet staff collaboration

3rd Party Intergration

Keep your data up to date between your own systems and 3rd party cloud solutions.

One-time or regular sychronisation

Newsletter/Campaign mailers such as MailChimp

Accounting packages (e.g Xero)

CRM tools

Data Migration & Cleaning

Need to move your data from one system to another?

Export, inspection, re-formatting and preparation to required destination format.

Web Scraping

Information acquisition from the web

Free/Public APIs

Paid APIs (must hold account for the service)

Data extraction from web pages

Data Analysis

Learn from your data

Transpose, correlate, summarise, filter

Graph results (where appropriate)

Meet some of our clients

Wellspring Personal Care
Nuffield International
Kaos Custom Bikes

Proudly Supplying

Carbon Data Solutions
BITS IT Services


Sqonkenetics Pty Ltd

 Belgrave, Melbourne, VIC, AU

 +61410 930 318

 Operating Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri