Make your web site more than just a 'web site'.

The web has so much potential and so do you, why let your internet presence stop at merely being a marketing tool when you can bring your business online..

Sqonkenetics is a small web development firm based in Melbourne's outer east that has been producing best practice, database driven web systems for both local and international companies and organisations since 2010.

Built from start to finish to suit your individual business.

It doesn't matter what you do, if you have great business model you can bring it online.

Whether it be an enquiry system, a shopping cart, membership or event tracking, team collaboration tools, online approvals, data analytics or anything else you can think of - we build it from scratch so it reflects precisely what you do and how you work.

Keeping it simple.

Just because we're enthusiastic about what we do doesn't mean we're not pragmatic. Quite often the best way to bring a project from concept to launch in the desired time frame is a grounded approach that focuses on the main task at hand while avoiding as much complication and bells and whistles as is possible. If the web app stays focused then your customers and your staff will thank you.

Web designer, sub-contract friendly.

While we're certainly capable of producing the whole kitchen sink under the one roof we also know there are many great web designers out there, you may already have one you work closely with or perhaps you are one who needs to get a more complex system off the ground for your client. No problem, our web apps are built in such a way that allows us to proudly work with existing designs and layouts.

We can bring the code, you bring the design..

Scalable, adaptable, built for now, ready for the future.

We don't use generic out-of-box starter solutions. Content management and pre-packaged cart systems are great DIY ideas that are designed to allow people to get up and running cheaply and quickly. But they are built in a specific way that forces you to cookie-cut your online business to suit how the software works. It's like ordering a custom built car where all you can change is the paint work.

Our projects are built from the ground up with our own software that will run on almost any web server. We bring the wheels and let you design the car.